The Photographer: Neil Hewison

International photographer of the built environment

Professional photographer and photo retoucher, specialising in the built environment

Based in London, Neil has over 20 years of experience in creative commercial interior and exterior photography, firmly based on practical real-life marketing and branding success, and we totally believe in the power of excellent images to show what a company actually does – to inspire customers and prospects, and to be memorable. 

We travel all over the UK, Europe and North America photographing completed projects for clients' websites, marketing materials, and case studies, and the success of the brands we have worked with has been built on photography. It is the key to making brands visually stand out, and professional photography builds credibility into what otherwise could just be more words in the sea of information bombarding the world today.

A favourite quote from David Ogilvy: 

“Make your pictures tell the story.
What you show is more important than what you say.”

Who we work with

Architects, Interior Designers

Does your imagery show your customers what you actually do? Can they quickly see and be inspired by the quality of your work? We produce images that do justice to your creativity and skill.

 Property Developers

Photography is vital to display the property to prospective buyers, and we provide photographs that sell the lifestyle and dream, and enhance your sales literature and marketing material.

Suppliers to Building Projects

Do you show how and where your products are used? Are your customers aware of the high-profile projects you complete? Images of products in their final fitted state speak volumes and provide inspiration as well as knowledge and confidence.

 Design & Fit-Out Specialists

Give your prospects and clients confidence by showing the high standard of your work, and the type of projects you are involved in.

Restaurants & Hotels

So much of the initial attraction of a great hotel or restaurant comes from seeing inviting images of their increasingly creative interior design. We love to capture the warmth and desirability of such spaces to convey it to your prospective clients. 

Any Business That Wants Great Photos

With the growth of digital marketing, more and more marketing activities require professional images to stand out, whether it be interesting and relevant blog images, pictures for social media that reflect the quality of your brand, or manufacturing shots to demonstrate your processes and skills.

What is the potential for building value into your brand? 

If you’re interested in great photography of your projects, please call us on 07899 331032 or email 


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