Beverly Center shopping mall photography, Los Angeles
Sep 03, 2018

Having arrived at the hotel at about 2:30am after a flight down from Vancouver, I had to hype myself up for the 6:00am sharp start on site. This is fairly typical though of the restrictions I usually have on photographing shopping malls, as generally the mall management asks for the shoot to be complete before the shops open for the day. This can be tricky of course, as often stores will have shutters down and lights off, and this is also the time for cleaners to do their stuff - so as with most shoots, it is down to the photographer to be creative and produce great images that fulfil the client's brief.

This mall was particularly interesting, with swooping curves and backlit sparkling panels combining with criss-crossing daylight from above. The window displays in the high-end stores were extremely eye-catching, all vying with each other for attention - from reflective glitzyness to subtle rust effects, and all colours of the spectrum. The biggest problem I had on the day was the sheer variety of views and angles available to shoot, especially as I only had a limited time to work in!

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