The beauty of flowers in lockdown

This spring has produced some of the most amazing flowers I've seen in years - certainly in our garden at home anyway. Vivid colours, lush growth, and sheer quantities of luxuriant blooms, wherever you look. There's just too many to capture, but I've been enjoying snapping pictures of a few here and there as they have struck me, particularly the teeny weeny ones that are easy to overlook - for example check out the miniscule white spider on a tiny white flower on one of the images below, it was so small I didn't even see it until I looked at the photograph afterwards.

Is this visual feast a result of lockdown? Has the massive reduction in road and air traffic and its resulting drop in air pollution meant that nature has responded in this way? Is it just because we've had such lovely weather following a winter of heavy rain? Or is the weather also affected by the clear air?

We've also noticed how prominent the delicious floral scents are - again, showing how used we have got to modern air pollutants masking the natural perfumes of the vegetation surrounding us. In fact, a neighbour said they noticed with surprise for the first time how nice a particular flower in their garden smelt. They had never realised, and they've lived there for 35 years!

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