The Photographer



“Building value into brands through inspiring and creative photography”

Neil has 20 years of experience in creative commercial photography, firmly based on practical real-life marketing and branding success.

Specialities are interior and exterior project photography, commercial portraits and marketing/website/brochure photography.

We totally believe in the power of excellent images to build brands by showing what a company actually does, to inspire customers and prospects, and to be memorable.

Here’s who Neil works with:

ARCHITECTS, INTERIOR DESIGNERS: Does your imagery show your customers what you actually do? Can they quickly see and be inspired by the quality of your work? Neil produces images that do justice to your creativity and skill.

PROPERTY DEVELOPERS: Photography is vital to display the property to prospective buyers, and Neil provides photographs that sell the lifestyle and dream, and that enhance the sales literature.

SUPPLIERS TO BUILDING PROJECTS: Do you show how and where your products are used? Are your customers aware of the high-profile projects you complete? Images of products in their final fitted state speak volumes and provide inspiration as well as knowledge.

FIT-OUT SPECIALISTS: Give your prospects and clients confidence by showing the high standard of your work, and the type of projects you are involved in.

…and of course any company that wants great imagery.

The success of the brands Neil has worked with has been built on photography. It has been the key to making brands visually stand out and has built credibility into what otherwise would have just have been more words.

What is the potential for building value into your brand? If you’re interested in great photography of your projects, please call me on 07899 331032 or email me at