Spot the difference - photo retouching

Photo retouching is a vital part of producing commercial images - in fact for a day's shooting, I would allocate more than a day for the post-production, so more than 50% of the overall time is spent in the studio afterwards.

All shots require basic work to correct lighting, colour, distortion. This is then followed by laborious cleanup of dust spots, specks, smears, fingerprints. Along with this comes the removal of unwanted objects, and this varies with each assignment and each client's preferences. Common requests are wires (and offices are FULL of them!), smoke and alarm sensors, safety signs and other such necessary but unsightly things.

Where the 'fun' really starts is on shoots where we turned up to the project to find that it was not quite finished. Mostly, the window of opportunity for photographing completed projects is incredibly narrow, with the time between completion and hand-over being almost non-existent, and so many times it is a question of doing the best we can on the day as it likely could be our only opportunity. As you can see from some random examples below, we sometimes have to even remove things like skips and portaloos to make pictures usable!

The tricky part is getting the balance between perceived perfection and authenticity, showing the scene as it should be while still reflecting the client's work honestly to potential viewers and customers.

Scroll down for some pointers to the differences...

Do your photos require some creative retouching? Do you have images that you don't want to use because of unwanted objects? To discuss how we can bring your shots up to the standard of your work, please call me on 07899 331032 or contact us.


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