Studio product photography - door jewellery

Our long-standing client Joseph Giles Ltd are UK designers, manufacturers and trade suppliers of desirable hardware for doors, windows and cabinets, used on exclusive residential and hospitality projects throughout the globe. Their beautiful products are manufactured in Britain, and they have an incredible quality, tactility and solidness that really stands out in this age of mass overseas production. My affectionate description of their products has always been 'door jewellery' as to call these lovely items 'hardware' really doesn't do them justice!

It has been Interiors Photography London's challenge - and pleasure - to capture this desirability visually with photography in the simple and classic Joseph Giles style. As any product photographer would know, metals are notoriously difficult to shoot anyway, and with the inevitable fingerprints, dust and scratches, plus a variety of shapes and sizes from teeny to huge, it has taken our years of experience to produce a collection of stunning images.

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