Photography of Marketing Suite and show home, London

Have you been looking at buying a new build property recently? We photograph a lot of property marketing suites, and as I'm sure you've noticed, the design of these is continually advancing. Every time I go to a new one I am blown away by the originality and creativity that is invested in what in essence is just a temporary sales centre.

This was another great one, incredibly vibrant and inspiring, with immense and intelligent attention to detail. From the moment of entry, the visitor feels in a special place, and everything is geared towards creating a vibe - not only for the property they may be purchasing, but also for the area and lifestyle. As with so many public spaces now, attention is concentrated on the experience rather than the sale, and it suggests to me that this must be the way forward in so many other areas now.

What projects can you show potential clients to inspire them? To discuss how we can capture your work with eye-catching photographs, please call me on 07899 331032 or contact us.


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